Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Costume jewellery can be really fabulous but for a touch of class and timeless beauty you cannot beat the qualities of gorgeous gemstones. Gemstones possess unrivalled sparkle and also have symbolic meaning. Each variety of gemstone has its own lore and is believed to offer spiritual value and healing properties. Each month of the year is also represented by a birthstone and these are the perfect birthday gifts.

If you love the beauty of gemstones you will be aware that gold, white gold and platinum gemstone jewellery can be extremely costly. Sterling Silver is an affordable precious metal which provides the perfect alternative to gold and which showcases the lovely gems brilliantly.

Sterling Silver is a silver alloy which is at least 92.5% pure silver. 100% pure silver is too soft to be practical for use in jewellery. However, Sterling Silver which is silver mixed with copper, is the purest form of the metal that it is viable to use. Sterling Silver offers the highest purity of silver and it is therefore the most resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.

At Uno Gifts we have a striking collection of Sterling Silver gemstone jewellery for you to choose from. You will discover fabulous earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants and exceptional designs that are sure to get you noticed. Garnet, citrine, blue topaz, marcasite, opal and freshwater pearls all feature in our stunning jewellery to bring you a riot of sparkle and colour. There are both traditional and contemporary styles in the collection and you could create fabulous sets from the complementary pieces.

Natural gemstones have a unique quality that has been treasured for thousands of years. With Sterling Silver jewellery beautiful gemstones are stylish yet affordable options that would be the most wonderful gifts for family and friends or a special treat for you!

Sterling Silver Gemstone

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