Michael Michaud Jewellery

At Uno Gifts we always love to feature unique jewellery which offers something that little bit different. That is certainly what you get with the outstanding collection by Michael Michaud. The work of this skilled and highly respected American designer is certainly much sought after. Michaud has a worldwide reputation and has been commissioned by many significant and prestigious organisations to create special collections for them.

Michael Michaud’s much admired work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. He loves to celebrate nature in every piece that he carefully designs. He uniquely takes natural materials including leaves and seeds and then uses them to create his moulds. In this way he can capture the smallest details and special qualities of his chosen subjects. Michaud creates stylish bronze jewellery. Bronze is the perfect choice for his pieces as bronze alloys expand when they cool to fill even the tiniest details of the moulds. The fine bronze work is then cleverly accented with lovely finishing touches. These include glorious freshwater pearls which are in themselves marvels of nature.

Pearls are wonderful things to be treasured and should feature in every jewellery box. Pearls form naturally in the shells of molluscs. When foreign material enters the shell the creature begins to create layers of calcium carbonate around the material. This is a natural defence mechanism against the irritant. The multiple layers of calcium carbonate that are built up produce the amazing and distinctive lustre of the pearls. Because pearls are natural they can be dyed to create a wonderful array of gorgeous colours. These stunning pieces are the perfect highlights to feature in Michael Michaud’s inspired jewellery collection.

In this collection you will find earrings, necklaces and bracelets which highlight the beauty and unique properties of leaves, seeds, flowers and marine life. Each piece is hand crafted with care in New York and boasts fine finishing touches including pearls and precious metals. This is jewellery with a bespoke, designer look. It is instantly recognisable and has a wonderfully tactile feel. Worn as individual pieces this jewellery really stand out from the crowd. You can also create striking sets for a fabulous look.

The Michael Michaud collection is subtle jewellery at its best. Whether you are treating yourself or searching for an amazing gift for someone special you will find exactly what you need in this stand out collection. There are pieces suitable for any occasion and to accent any outfit in your wardrobe. You are sure to find a firm favourite in the Michael Michaud collection.

Michael Michaud

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