Coeur De Lion Jewellery

It is hard to know what we could possibly say about Coeur de Lion that isn’t completely obvious as soon as you look at it! This collection is by Carola Eckrodt and has been wowing people across the world for over 25 years. We adore this range here at Uno and we are delighted to showcase an extensive range of the stunning bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Coeur de Lion is a contemporary collection with clean lines and minimalist design. The drama is injected into each piece by the striking colours used. Strong colours and surprising juxtapositions create eye catching pieces with an edgy feel. With Coeur de Lion polished aluminium, stainless steel and leather are set with stunning cut glass, Swarovski elements and metallised Swarovski elements to create statement pieces that possess a genuine panache.

Carola Eckrodt has a really quite remarkable talent for combining innovative materials and striking colours. The result is a memorable collection of outstanding designs that draw the eye and which complement any outfit. You are bound to attract attention when you enter the room if you are wearing Coeur de Lion. The collection is hand crafted in Stuggart, Germany at Coeur de Lion’s own studio. Only the finest materials are used and every piece is made to last.

In 2014 Coeur de Lion was named Best Jewellery Brand at the UK Watch and Jewellery Awards which didn’t surprise us in the least! It is hard not to love this collection but it does present you with a big problem and that is the difficulty of deciding which piece to choose. Oh well, the prices are so reasonably priced that you don’t have to confine yourself to a single item and everything in the collection would be a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates quality and style.

Coeur de Lion

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