Coeur De Lion Bracelets

The fabulous Coeur de Lion collection was founded by Carola Eckrodt following the huge impression she made with pieces that she had created for herself. She used her passion for perfection and eye for colour and form to design an incredible collection with a timeless quality that has wowed jewellery lovers across the globe.

Coeur de Lion Jewellery is characterise by clean lines, minimalist design and striking colours. It is the use of colour which bring drama to each piece via pretty contrasts and striking juxtapositions. The eye catching pieces have a slightly edgy feel and are fashioned from fine materials including stunning cut glass, Swarovski elements and metallised Swarovski elements. The colourful features are partnered with nappa leather, stainless steel and polished aluminium for a high quality finish.

This memorable collection is a riot of colour combined and a brilliant exploration of shape and form. Each outstanding piece would be a fabulous gift and the bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be combined to create amazing sets that are sure to attract attention. We have a fabulous selection of Coeur de Lion bracelets here at Uno Gifts and every piece is hand made in Germany. The multi coloured pieces are extremely versatile or you could opt for a bracelet with contrasting tones of a single colour including pink, red, blue and green.

Carola Eckrodt has a remarkable talent for choosing innovative materials and surprising combinations that just work. The jewellery is fashioned to surprise, to impress and to last and with such affordable price tags you can afford to treat yourself or your family and friends to a piece from this much admired collection. We are sure that you will adore Coeur de Lion bracelets and that you will find it so difficult to choose a favourite style that you will just have to start building a collection!

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